nisa salmen

Nisa founded Hardline Coffee Co. in March 2018. She functions as the general manager of shop operations, menu curater, and head coffee roaster. Nisa is passionate about running an ethically conscious business with a communal environment. Her favorite part of the job is making lasting connections with her community (and drinking coffee, of course). She loves reading nonfiction, building things, and spending time with family.


Jack Weiss

Jack is one of the shop’s lead baristas and coffee roasters. He joined Hardline in June 2019 with two years of experience in the coffee industry. Jack enjoys sipping iced americanos and sampling South American coffees. You can often find him cruising around on his motorcycle, sculpting, or perfecting his crab rangoon recipe.



Jessica joined our team in May 2019 as a barista and organizer of musical events. When she isn’t behind the bar you can find her jamming with one of her three bands and making art. Her favorite drink is our seasonal Honey Bee latte. Fun fact: Jessica studied audio engineering in college!